2019 Update

As SCYLC continued to grow, our fourth conference held in 2019, saw the addition of an Advanced Class at both Clemson University and USCB’s campus in Bluffton.

This proved to be an excellent opportunity for students who had attended the Foundation Course to expand their leadership and interpersonal skills. Several of those who spearheaded this new segment of SCYLC went on to attend the college of their choice. We anticipate they will benefit from those additional leadership skills as they head into their new environment.

In addition, the Advanced Class represented an opportunity for SCYLC to introduce new elements to training in leadership. This was seen in taking the USCB Advanced class to Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah where the students had the chance to meet with several members of the U.S. Coast Guard who shared their stories of search and rescue, training, and organizational leadership. Of particular note were their remarks on how the “jumper” and pilot exchange leadership roles during at sea rescue operations. A case of awesome teamwork and responsibility!

The Advanced Class, along with the Foundation Class at Clemson University actually had the chance to lead their peers in several exercises but, in particular, the work at Abernathy Park in town. Here, in the true spirit of volunteerism and leadership, students worked on repairing the wooden bridging along the pathway in the park. We were fortunate to have a high level of expertise among a couple of students in this type of activity! This was an excellent opportunity for both leadership by those with relevant skills and teamwork!

We left each conference with great expectations for the future!

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