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SCYLC Rules 2024


You have been selected to attend the South Carolina Youth Leadership Conference because you have been identified by your school administrators as having outstanding potential as a future leader. To ensure the weekend’s activities run smoothly and safely, we ask your full cooperation in adhering to the following rules and regulations. Infractions  may result in our notifying your parents or legal guardian you are being sent home. 

  1. You are to attend all seminar sessions and meals. Facilitators will be taking roll call at all events.
  2. You are not permitted to leave the facility without being accompanied by a staff member.
  3. You are not to separate from your assigned group without the knowledge or permission of your facilitator.
  4. You are to be in your assigned room at the times indicated in the program unless otherwise announced. Staff members will be making room checks.
  5. Be prompt for breakfast. If you did not bring an alarm clock and need a wake-up call, let your facilitator know.
  6. Visitation in rooms by members of the opposite sex is not permitted.
  7. Facility property is not to be taken as souvenirs. Room keys must be returned before leaving.
  8. No smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages, or drug use is permitted at any time. Any infraction will result in being sent home.
  9. Do not use service elevators or enter areas reserved for facility employees.
  10. Respect the rights of other facility guests and enter only those rooms and floors in the facility in which conference-related activities are being held. Keep noise to a minimum.
  11. Absolutely no climbing or hanging out of windows. Persons caught hanging out of windows or sitting on window ledges or balconies will be sent home. Observation of all safety rules is a must.
  12. You will be given your Facilitator’s room number. Please notify him/her if you have a medical or any other problem. Facilitators will provide cell phones for calls home if a student does not have one packed for the conference.
  13. Keep your room key and meal card in your possession at all times. Lost keys will cost $100. to replace, and you will be expected to pay for your lost key at Sunday checkout. We are unable to issue invoices for this charge,
  14. You are allowed to bring your cell phone, laptop or other electronic device. However, the use of such devices will be explained at the conference and those guidelines must be adhered to out of respect for others. Laptops used for notes are acceptable although specific pads and pens are provided.   Our dorm rooms do not provide safes.  You bring these items at your own risk.