2020 Update

In the following year SCYLC was unfortunately a victim of Covid-19. This situation completely canceled all activities of the council and we could only look to better times the year following.

As it developed we were again unable to hold SCYLC-2021 in the usual fashion. However, we were able to hold a variation of the leadership conference with a special, in-person event for the Georgetown School District. In this situation each of the four high schools sent seven student leaders to Georgetown High School where our team, led by Dave Fuka, taught leadership to these selected students. The conference was held on two successive Thursdays in the school auditorium to allow for social distancing. While not what we usually do the program worked extremely well allowing SCYLC to at least hold a minimal event.

In 2022 the conference was fortunate to get the go-ahead to hold a conference in late June at Francis Marion University in Florence. While school selection was limited due to the short lead time the consortium of schools in the geographic area quickly identified appropriate candidates and the conference took place without difficulty. The cooperation of the school administrators was wonderful in making this a successful event. The university was outstanding and we look forward to once again holding SCYLC-2023 at Francis Marion University.

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